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Medical Isotope Production

Using PNL Technology to Save Lives

Molybdenum-99 (“moly” for short), which decays into technetium 99m, is the most commonly used medical imaging isotope in the world, providing almost 100,000 procedures daily.  Presently, the US obtains all of its moly (representing about half of global demand) from aging nuclear reactors outside of the US.

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Neutron Radiography

Neutron Imaging Without a Reactor

Neutron radiography and tomography are proven techniques for the nondestructive testing of manufactured components in the aerospace, energy and defense sectors. It is presently underutilized because of a lack of accessible, high flux neutron sources. Just like X-rays, when neutrons pass through an object, they provide information about the internal structure of that object.

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Explosives Detection

Meet an IED's Worst Enemy

One of the greatest threats to troops in the field today are improvised explosive devices (IED’s). Most methods currently used to protect against these devices rely on mechanical or directed energy detonation. The US armed forces have expressed a strong interest in technologies that can detect these devices ahead of a moving convoy and alert troops of their location.

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Special Nuclear Materials Detection

To Protect by Detecting

The use of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) as a weapon is one of the greatest domestic threats to the US. There have been over 150 incidents of nuclear smuggling in the past decade, half involving SNM (IAEA). As little as 16 kg of highly enriched uranium (HEU) or 6 kg of plutonium can be used to produce a 20 kiloton weapon, even with low technology levels.

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Thermal Neutron Flux Solutions

Thermal Flux without Reactor

Access to high fluxes of thermal neutron is needed for a wide range of research and development applications such as neutron activation analysis, radiation detector testing and calibration, etc. Historically, research reactors have been the primary source of thermal neutron flux cavities. However, the number of research reactors in operation has been steadily declining, as they are being shutdown due to old age or regulatory and political reasons.

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Radiation Survivability Testing

A New Meaning to Survival of the Fittest

The ability of electronic components to survive and operate in natural and man-made radiation environments is of critical importance to the US military and to commercial aerospace companies. Such environments are particularly intense during solar-storm radiation events and in the vicinity of a nuclear detonation.

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