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PNL Neutron Generator

High-Flux Neutron Source

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has developed a neutron generator that is 1000 times stronger than any commercially available product other than a nuclear reactor. PNL offers multiple D-D and D-T versions of this device for varying levels of neutron flux.

Advantages include:

  • Steady state neutron production as high as 1014 (D-T) or 1012 (D-D) neutrons per second provides the highest neutron flux levels in the world other than nuclear reactors or spallation sources
  • Novel target design allows for continuous operation and a lifetime measured in years rather than hours
  • The unique configuration and flux levels provided by this device have opened up new markets by making extremely large numbers of neutrons available from a compact and rugged platform

Custom Products

PNL has designed and built neutron generators for several different applications. All our generators utilize the same core proprietary technologies but can be incrementally modified to suit your needs. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your custom application.