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High Yield Neutron Generator

The World's Strongest Commercial Neutron Generators

PNL’s High Yield Neutron Generator is the highest yielding deuterium-deuterium (DD) compact Neutron Generator in the World. It has variable neutron output between 1×1011 and 5×1011 n/s.  Because the system uses no tritium, regulatory burden and required shielding are significantly reduced.

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Compact Neutron Generator

Neutrons on the Move

PNL’s mobile, intermediate yield deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for customers that need high neutron yield, do not want to deal with the regulatory burden associated with tritium, and have limitations in terms of the physical size and weight of the system.

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Ultra Compact Generator

Big Neutron Output.
Small Form Factor.

PNL’s most compact deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for mobile applications and for customers where minimizing physical size of the device is of the utmost importance. It utilizes a self-loading solid titanium target to produce variable neutron output between 1×109 and 5×1010 n/s in a very compact form factor.

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Ion Sources

The Leader in High-Current ECR Sources.

At the front end of its neutron generator, PNL has developed a very high current microwave ion source (MWS). Many iterations of the MWS have been built at national labs, universities, and private companies over the last two decades.

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High Voltage Power Supplies

Meet the Power Behind the Generator

PNL has developed a very high current, high voltage DC power supply to power its line of neutron generators. These supplies are designed to meet the stringent needs of PNL’s high voltage, electrostatic particle accelerators.

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Accelerator and Ion Source Components

High Precision. High Performance.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs designs and builds in-house components for particle accelerators. Standard product lines exist including magnetic solenoids and dipoles and electrostatic quadrupoles, sextupoles, and octopoles. Custom solutions are also available.

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