Big Neutron Output.
Small Form Factor.

Ultra Compact Generator

Low Yield System RenderingPNL’s most compact deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for mobile applications and for customers where minimizing physical size of the device is of the utmost importance. It utilizes a self-loading solid titanium target to produce variable neutron output between 1×109 and 5×1010 n/s in a very compact form factor. Because the system uses no tritium, regulatory burden and required shielding are significantly reduced.  For customers that need even higher neutron output, a tritiated target will provide a neutron yield boost of a factor of approximately 100X.  However, this comes at the cost of increased regulatory and shielding burden.

The generator utilizes a solid target composed of titanium and copper. Because the target is self-loaded by the beam itself, it has a drastically increased target lifetime relative to other solid target system. Target lifetime exceeds 10,000 hours. Neutron yield remains constant over the life of the target, thanks to a propriety target cleaning/replenishing procedure than can be performed during device operation.

The ultra compact system is packaged with an integrated control system, all power supplies, and all other associated electronics. Shielding and moderator material is available upon request. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

This small and transportable system is useful for a number of different applications such as explosives and SNM detection. It can be easily mounted on small vehicles for mobile applications. More information is available on our Applications page.



Maximum Neutron Output

5×1010 n/s

Minimum Neutron Output

1×109  n/s

System Lifetime

10 years

Solid Target Lifetime

10,000 hours

Neutron Energy

2.5 MeV

Fusion Reaction Type


Maximum Deuterium Ion Beam Current

50 mA

Maximum Accelerating Voltage

300 kV

Neutron Generator Dimensions

100x35x35 cm

Neutron Generator Weight

150 kg

Supporting Equipment Footprint (outside bunker)

50×80 cm

Supporting Equipment Weight

100 kg

Input Voltage

480 VAC

Input Power

30 kW

Operational Mode

CW or Pulsed