The World's Strongest Commercial Neutron Generators

High Yield Neutron Generator

UltraSystemPNL’s High Yield Neutron Generator is the highest yielding deuterium-deuterium (DD) compact Neutron Generator in the World. We have measured greater than 3×1011 DD n/s, and products are available with variable neutron output between 1×1011 and 5×1011 n/s. Because the system uses no tritium, regulatory burden and required shielding are significantly reduced. The generator utilizes a gaseous deuterium target to maximize neutron yield and system lifetime. Because the High Yield Neutron Generator does not utilize a solid target, the system lifetime is measured in years rather than hours.  For customers that need even higher neutron yield, the system can be quickly reconfigured to operate with tritium if the appropriate licenses and shielding are in place.  With tritium fuel, this generator will yield 1×1013 to 5×1013 DT n/s.


The High Yield Neutron Generator is useful for a number of different applications including neutron radiography, cargo screening, explosives detection, special nuclear material detection, and medical isotope production. More information is available on our Capabilities page.

This generator has demonstrated stable operation in the field for thousands of hours with no degradation of any critical system components. It is inherently a continuous output (CW) neutron source, though pulsing options are available with a special request.  This product is offered as a complete package, inclusive of an integrated control system, all power supplies, radiation shielding, moderator (if required), etc. The form factor of this system can be modified, within certain bounds, to fit within an existing facility.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Maximum Neutron Output

5×1011  n/s

Minimum Neutron Output

1×1011 n/s


10 years

Neutron Energy

2.5 MeV

Fusion Reaction Type


Maximum Deuterium-Ion Beam Current

50 mA

Neutron Generator Dimensions

4x2x1 m

Neutron Generator Weight

2000 kg

Supporting Equipment Footprint (outside bunker)

3×3 m

Supporting Equipment Weight

2000 kg

Input Voltage

480 VAC

Input Power

50 kW

Operational Mode

CW or Pulsed