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Compact Industrial Neutron Generator

PNL’s compact, industrial deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for factory-floor and laboratory use where customers need high neutron yield, 24/7 operation, and a small footprint. Because the system uses the DD reaction, customers do not need to deal with the regulatory burden associated with tritium. It utilizes a self-loading solid titanium target to produce neutron output of 2×10^10 DD n/s.

High Current Microwave Ion Sources

At the front end of our neutron generators, PNL has developed a very high current microwave ion source (MWS). Many iterations of the MWS have been built at national labs, universities, and private companies over the last two decades. PNL has developed a commercial-grade version of this technology with unprecedented beam current, reliability, and lifetime.

High Voltage Power Supplies

PNL has developed a very high current, high voltage DC power supply to power its line of neutron generators. These supplies have been designed to meet the stringent needs of PNL’s high voltage, electrostatic particle accelerators.

Ultra Compact Generator

PNL’s most compact deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for mobile applications and for customers where minimizing physical size of the device is of the utmost importance. This small and transportable system is useful for a number of different applications such as explosives and SNM detection. It can be easily mounted on small vehicles for mobile applications.

Active Detection of Special Nuclear Material

One of the greatest threats to the US homeland is the smuggling of nuclear and radiological material into the US. Relatively small amounts of highly enriched uranium (HEU) or plutonium can be used to produce a weapon capable of widespread destruction, even with low technology levels.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs Neutron Generator Technology

Phoenix Nuclear Labs’ neutron generator technology utilizes the DD and DT nuclear fusion reactions to generate neutrons. There are many commercially available DD and DT neutron generators but most of them utilize solid targets that limit the lifetime and neutron yield of these devices.

Neutron Radiography

Neutron radiography and tomography are proven techniques to image and detect defects in critical components for the aerospace, energy, and defense sectors. It is presently underutilized because of a lack of accessible, high flux neutron sources.

High Yield Neutron Generator

The High Yield Neutron Generator is the highest yield deuterium-deuterium (DD) compact Neutron Generator in the World.

High Current Negative Ion Source

PNL’s negative hydrogen (H-) ion source was designed as an injector to Fermilab’s GeV class Intensity Frontier proton accelerator. It has been optimized for high current, excellent beam performance (i.e., low emittance), CW operational capability, and a long lifetime.

Neutron Emitting IED Sensing System

One of the greatest threats to troops in the field today are improvised explosive devices (IED’s). Most methods currently used to protect against these devices rely on mechanical or, directed energy detonation, but before either of these methods can be used the IED must be detected and located.