Phoenix Nuclear Labs

High Current Negative Ion Source

PNL’s negative hydrogen (H-) ion source was designed as an injector to Fermilab’s GeV class Intensity Frontier proton accelerator. It has been optimized for high current, excellent beam performance (i.e., low emittance), CW operational capability, and a long lifetime.

PNL’s technologies are being used by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the US Army, the Naval Research Laboratory, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Morgridge Institute for Research, and SHINE Medical Technologies.

The H- ion source is a variation of PNL’s proven commercial ion source technology, which has demonstrated highly reliable operation for over ten thousand hours of combined operation. These sources can operate with a wide range of gases but they have historically been operated primarily with hydrogen or deuterium. Beam currents in excess of 100 mA have been demonstrated with deuterium ions; 15 mA of beam current is expected for H- ions.

PNL’s commercial positive ion microwave source (MWS) generates a flux of energetic neutron hydrogen atoms that interact with a low work function conversion cone to produce a beam of H- ions with high current and low emittance. Final design for this system is completed and first beam extraction is scheduled for July 2015.


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