Phoenix Nuclear Labs

Compact Industrial Neutron Generator

PNL’s compact, industrial deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron generator was designed for factory-floor and laboratory use where customers need high neutron yield, 24/7 operation, and a small footprint. Because the system uses the DD reaction, customers do not need to deal with the regulatory burden associated with tritium. It utilizes a self-loading solid titanium target to produce neutron output of 2×10^10 DD n/s.

This system was produced in response to the need for a powerful, self-contained neutron source that includes all necessary controls and support systems. The result is a compact system that can fit onto a small footprint. With moderator and shielding available, the system does not create a radiation hazard to nearby workers or equipment. Additionally, the Compact Industrial Neutron Generator provides an intuitive user interface and comprehensive behind-the-scene status monitoring, minimizing user training requirements.


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