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SHINE Medical Technologies

Solving a Global Medical Crisis

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has designed and built a high yield neutron generator that will drive a subcritical assembly, developed by SHINE Medical Technologies, to produce the medical radioisotope molybdenum-99 (“moly” for short). Moly decays into technetium-99m, which is used in over 40,000 medical imaging procedures every day in the US.

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Saving Warfighter Lives

Army Strong, PNL Strong

Neutron radiography provides the ability to image and detect defects in critical DoD components with applications ranging from artillery shells to air and spacecraft parts. Because neutrons react very strongly with low-density and hydrogenous materials, but react very weakly with metals, neutron radiography makes it possible to see inside metallic objects and composite materials to visualize structures that would be completely invisible on a conventional X-ray.

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Neutralizing the Threat

IED's Have Met Their Match

Phoenix Nuclear Labs has partnered with the US Army to develop a compact, high yield neutron source for the detection of improvised explosive devices (IED’s). When neutrons interact with material, they are sometimes absorbed and radiation “fingerprints” are emitted that provide information about the type of material present. Almost all explosive materials contain high quantities of nitrogen.

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High Current Negative Hydrogen Source

Pushing the Intensity Frontier

Phoenix Nuclear Labs has developed a high current, continuous wave, long lifetime negative hydrogen ion source as a potential injector to next generation intensity frontier proton accelerators. Lifetime and reliability issues are especially troublesome for existing negative hydrogen (H-) ion sources.

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Fast Burst Reactor Replacement

More Neutrons, Less Risk

Neutron fluxes can damage and degrade operation of our defense and commercial assets. The Fast Burst Reactor (FBR) at the Army’s White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) is the last remaining operational fast burst reactor serving the DoD and DoE communities for neutron damage testing. The reactor has demonstrated excellent performance for decades.

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