Phoenix Nuclear Labs

Director of Government Sales

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Phoenix Nuclear Labs is seeking an experienced professional to serve as the Director of
Government Sales to support business development efforts at PNL with an emphasis on US
and foreign military, government, and prime contractor sales.

Background: Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) is an early stage technology development company
based in Madison, WI. The core technology developed by PNL over the last 10 years is a high
yield neutron generator with application in the following markets:

1. Medical radioisotope production
2. Semiconductor device manufacturing
3. Nuclear fuel quality control
4. Nuclear instrumentation calibration and testing
5. Radiation effects testing
6. Neutron radiography for nondestructive testing of industrial components
7. Explosives and nuclear material detection

This role will focus on marketing, selling, and advancing existing development programs for the
bolded applications above, where the key customers are US and foreign defense departments
and prime contractors. The PNL technology utilizes an accelerated deuterium ion beam
impinging on a solid or gaseous (deuterium or tritium) neutron-producing target. The nominal
operating point for most PNL neutron generators is 50 – 100 mA of deuterium at 300 kV beam
energy. The resultant neutron yield is 100-1000 times higher than other commercially available
neutron generators, which typically operate with substantially lower beam current and voltage.
This increase in neutron yield results in higher-volume isotope production, faster neutron
images, greater standoff distances for explosives and nuclear material detection, and higherthroughput
QA systems.

Responsibilities: This role will report to VP of Business Development. His or
her primary focus will be on accelerating deployment of PNL technology within the DoD and
DOE and on identifying new government or prime contractor customers and applications for the
PNL technology. The primary near term objectives for this role are as follows:

1. Expand the front end of the PNL sales funnel by proactively seeking new customers and
new sales opportunities with a strong emphasis on government sales, grants, and other
funding vehicles, including agencies such as the DoD, the DOE, and the DHS, amongst
2. Lead the effort, in close collaboration with the President and VP of Business
Development, to transition PNL’s neutron radiography technology currently being
developed by the US Army beyond its current developmental phase into a longer term,
higher volume Program of Record or other form of multi-year acquisition program. This effort will include managing several aspects of PNL’s relationship with the Army and navigating Army bureaucracy (including ARDEC, PEO Ammunition, Joint Munitions Command, and private ordnance contractors) in order to place PNL’s Pilot Production Neutron Radiography System into an ammunition production facility.
3. Track all sales efforts, log meeting notes, and produce reports summarizing the progress
of various sales efforts as they move through the sales funnel by utilizing standard CRM
4. Represent PNL and/or present at industry or government trade shows, conferences, or
meetings when needed.
5. Monitor government grant opportunities, recommend opportunities to which PNL should
propose, and prepare proposals.
6. Lead business development efforts with non-US governments and defense agencies
and prime contractors.
7. Identify new government agencies, research groups, program offices and funding
channels to which the PNL technology may be relevant.
8. Arrange introductory meetings so that PNL can present its capabilities to new
prospective customers. Prepare quotations and proposals for government sales and
grant proposals.
9. Support the President and VP of Business Development in managing and directing PNL
government relations consultants and lobbyists.
10. Develop a comprehensive government, military, and prime contractor sales plan
extending over a 5-year time horizon with specific gates and measurable milestones.
11. And other duties that you may be assigned.

Desired Qualifications: A successful candidate will have at least 5 years of experience in
government, military, aerospace, or related sales and business development. A bachelor’s
degree in a technical field is preferred, but equivalent business and/or technical experience may
be sufficient for some candidates. The candidate should be a highly motivated “self starter” and
should be comfortable operating in a highly autonomous fashion. The candidate will receive
general guidance and education from the President and Vice President of Business
Development, but he or she will often need to develop their own strategic sales and marketing
direction without constant oversight. He or she will be primarily responsible for generating new
sales, grants, or development funding opportunities, as well as managing relationships for
multiple existing government development programs. This will require direct outreach via
phone, email, and in-person visits to existing and prospective customers. An important part of
the role will be to educate new customers on the benefits offered by the PNL technology. Many
potential customers will be highly educated and experienced scientists, engineers, and military
professionals, and a successful candidate must be able to talk confidently and competently
about complex technologies across a broad range of applications. Excellent verbal and written
communication skills are an absolute requirement. It is expected that travel for this role will be
approximately 25% on average.

Compensation: Performance in this role will be judged primarily on the ability to generate new
sales or partnership opportunities for military or government applications, ultimately resulting in
signed supply and/or development agreements, as well as on accelerating existing PNL military
and government programs out of development and into a procurement phase. The
compensation package for this role will consist of a blend of guaranteed salary and
performance-based bonus and/or commission compensation. Salary and bonus levels will be
commensurate with the qualifications of the candidate.

Eligibility for employment is conditioned on an individual’s ability to qualify for access to information subject to U.S. Export Controls regulations (U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident, Asylee or Refugee).  Also, an individual’s eligibility may be conditioned based upon access to information classified under the Atomic Energy Act requiring pre-employment drug test, fingerprinting, and a criminal background check.